I baked this cake for Phoebe’s 3rd birthday. Got ideas from just looking at photo galleries of other people’s cakes.

I first baked a simple chocolate cake in a slab pan, then I coated it in chocolate ganache and dyed some coconut green for the grass and sprinkled it on top (I would’ve used shredded coconut – but didn’t have any).

With a bit of the cake batter I also filled a 1 cup capacity ramekin, which was cooled and then I wrapped it tightly in glad wrap so the bottom had nicely round edges, then froze for an hour or so – I decided this would be easier than trying to round off the top with a knife.

I iced the clubhouse with normal icing sugar, (dyed red – of course!!) smoothing off with a knife dipped in hot water which made it real smooth!! The windows were made of marzipan, and stuck on with icing, when that dried we used black writing icing for the window panes. The leg of the clubhouse is simply a tube of cardboard spray painted black, and the foot is an LCM bar covered in yellow dyed marzipan.

For the clubhouse head, I had a polystyrene ball – sprayed by my beloved – which started to bubble from using fully toxic black spray, but ended up working perfectly with two dark Ferrero’s for the ears, therefore the texture was even all round. We held the clubhouse, head and ears all together with toothpicks, but had to use sewing needles to hold the figurines, (which were ‘borrowed’ from Nanny!!) cause we decided the rounded slab would look just as good all uneven on top.

The stepping stones were made from coloured marzipan too – pretty much leftover – I did make them first then just dabbed some icing on the back to stick them to the cake. Then just decorated with a few cahous round the edges and a couple of bought roses.

The beauty of this homemade Mickey Mouse clubhouse cake is not only the time my loved one and I spent together – but also the fact that I needed no specialty store to buy anything, as everything came from Safeway!!! Hope people enjoy. N.B. much easier than I expected and worked out soooooooo much better than expected!!!