This cake was for a combination party for my daughter and her cousin. A week ahead of time I made the ears out of fondant and let them dry so they would stand up. To make the cake, I made one cake in a 10” spring form pan (the whole cake mix), and another mix in a glass bowl. I cut the bowl cake to a height that I thought looked most like a Mickey Mouse hat.

A day ahead of time I put a crumb coat of buttercream on the cake and let it dry overnight. The next day I put a layer of buttercream on both cakes (on separate plates), then covered them both with white fondant. I had trouble getting the fondant black without losing the smooth texture, so I decided to thin down the coloring gel and just paint the hat and ears. It was easier that way, and it looked really black.

Once the hat was dry, I placed it on top of the bottom layer. Since the party was for a boy and a girl, I made both Mickey and Minnie outlines on the white fondant (those were colored fondant, not painted, as it was easier to color small amounts), and cut out stars for added interest.

To tie the layers together, I made colored fondant balls with the leftovers and placed those around the homemade Mickey Mouse hat cake – you could use gumdrops or another type of candy if you wanted, or pipe icing instead. To add the ears (and I did this at the last minute just in case) I made two slits in the hat, and used toothpicks to reinforce the ears on the cake.

Lastly, I piped the names on both sides of the homemade Mickey Mouse hat cake to look like a Mickey hat. It was a great success!

Mickey Mouse Hat Cake