I was asked to make a cake with Minnie mouse on it for a friend of mine’s granddaughter. I had to look on YouTube to find out to make the Minnie mouse. I first shaped the dress and then attached the arms and legs. Then I shaped the hands in white and then shaped the head in pale pink and with black icing I made the top of the head and the ears. I made some red shoes and a red bow for the head using an icing nozzle.

I cut out lots of white spots and attached to the dress and bow. I made a small bow out of white icing and then attached small white circles of icing for the eyes. I attached a small ball of black icing for the nose. I then cut out a piece of card and covered it in foil and then covered in white icing and placed the Minnie mouse on it using a little royal icing to fix them together. This is the cake topper. I set this aside for a few days to harden.

I now made a vanilla sponge cake and filled with butter cream and jam and then I covered in butter cream before chilling in the freezer. I rolled out enough white icing to cover the cake. I then made sure the top of the cake was flat enough to attach the cake topper. After a few hours I attached the cake topper and started to decorate. I started by sticking small flowers around the base of the cake topper, attached the wording when I’d cut it all out, and attached small flowers to the cake board and then attached a deep pink ribbon and bow. Finally I attached the name to the front of the cake. Yet another happy customer.