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Coolest Minnie Mouse Cake 16

by Beth
(Newington, CT)

Minnie Mouse Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake

My daughter adores Mickey & Minnie Mouse. She watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning. So, I thought that I would make her a Minnie Mouse cake for her 2nd birthday. I could not find a Mickey/Minnie shaped pan anywhere! So, left to my own devices, here is what I came up with:

I used an 8 inch round pan for Minnie's face & 2 4 inch round pans for her ears. The best tip that I have for baking the cakes is to make sure that the ears are not filled too much & to make sure they are even. Mine came out with one ear much thicker than the other. It wasn't a major problem, I just carved off some of the thicker cake to even them out. Next, I put the 3 cakes together. I carved a small portion of each ear out to make it fit with the face seemlessly.

As far as decorating, I had read how difficult it was for others to dye their frosting black. I wanted a true black, and didn't want the hassle of buying package after package of food coloring. So, what I did was buy black decorator's icing. It is a bit thicker than frosting, so a bit more challenging to spread, but in my opinion, a better option than trying to dye white frosting.

I started decorating by outlining the hairline with a toothpick on the actual cake. Then, I filled it in with the black decorator's icing. Next, I used the "Dora the Explorer" dye kit flesh color & white frosting to make Minnie's face. I used a hot knife to even out the frosting. Again, I used a toothpick to draw in Minnie's features before applying them. I found it a bit tricky to make Minnie's face round, since on tv she has a pointed chin. To perfect this, I traced the 8 inch pan onto paper & for days before the actual cake decorating, I practiced drawing Minnie's features until I was satisfied! I found that making her mouth open somehow helped the face look less round.
Minne's bow is just pink fondant that I shaped into a bow. I used white decorator's icing to make the polka-dots.

The only problem that I found while decorating the cake was that Minnie's bow needed some support when I balanced it on the ears. I was short on time, so I covered a toothpick box in aluminum foil & shoved that between the ears to provide the support it needed.

My daughter loved this cake. She was so excited when I put it in front of her!!

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by: Anonymous

Thanks...I based my daughters cake off turned out great! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Good Job!
by: Anonymous

You did a wonderful job on your daughter's birthday cake. My Daughter will be two in February and I'm wanting to a Minni Mouse cake theme also, you are correct you can't fine a cake pan out there. I bet she was excited to see the cake after you did get it all completed.
Good job again!

by: Jessica


I saw your Minnie mouse cake and noticed we live in the same town. I was wondering if you would consider my hiring you to making the cake for me? I read what you wrote and it sounds that your baking/decorating skills are better then mine! How much would you charge?


birthday bash problemo
by: Claire1997

I love the cake it is fantastic. Could you make me one please.
I think you're a better cook than me really
we don't live in the same town but it's close to where you live. I got a daughter, she wants one so is it ok if i have your phone number and then I could ring you and then I would give you your money

Thanks very much if you could do this for me.

Thanks for your tips
by: Carmela

You really took the time to fully explain how to actually make this cake! I truly appreciate it.

So sorry!
by: Beth

Hi Jessica & Claire 1997,
I am sorry that I never responded to your requests for help. This website doesn't notify you when a comment has been made about your cake. I just happened to be on the site & thought that I would check to see if they even had my cakes still up.
I hope that your cakes came out great - I am sure that they did!

To Beth
by: Jessica

Thanks Beth. I did make the cake and it came out nicely. Everyone was impressed, and I was relieved that it turned out well! I should post the picture. All the advice on the website helped. My daughter knew it was a Minnie mouse cake, and I think that's all that mattered in the end! Thanks again. Jessica

by: Anonymous

I modeled my cake after yours. I couldn't find a 4" pan anywhere so I used another 8" pan and cut two 4" circles out of it. I actually baked four 8" cakes to make layers with pudding in the middle. Well the problem I encountered was that the icing wouldn't stick to the cut edges. A friend of mine that does cake decorating ended up coming over and draping the ears in fondant and icing over them. It came out fantastic. Thank you!

i love minnie mouse
by: odalis

My 2 yr old baby sister loves Minnie mouse so we made her the same cake and it came out perfect. She really loved it, thank you.

i love minnie mouse
by: odalis

My 2 yr old baby sister loves Minnie mouse so we made her the same cake and it came out perfect she really loved it thank you.

Learn from experience
by: Jerry

I have made cakes professionally for more than 30 years. While the Wilton Paste colors are very intense and don't require as much as you think, I usually start with Duncan Hines chocolate frosting. I add enough black paste color to get a really intense black. It doesn't take nearly as much color and spreads nicely. Another tip: most of the time I frost the entire cake with buttercream frosting, draw my design in the frosting with a toothpick, then give it a few hours to set up. Then I go back and frost a very think layer of the deep toned frosting where it is needed....That goes for red as well, because that is one color that is very difficult to make deep enough. Sometimes I use an entire 1 oz. of the paste color to only a couple of cups of frosting.

Fantastic Minnie Cake!!!
by: Grandmom of 4 little girls

You should be very proud, you did a fantastic job! The cake came out great, I know my granddaughters would love it, they are all Minnie lovers. Thanks for sharing, I may just try one.

my bday
by: Anonymous

my bday is coming up tomorrow and my theme is Minnie mouse gala bakery

Awesome tips
by: Anonymous

That is awesome thanks for the tips my daughter's 3rd b-day is coming up & she wants a Minnie mouse party.

amazing cake
by: Anonymous

I so love your cake! it is amazing, i can't wait to try it for my daughters party.

by: Anonymous

nice concept

it's ok
by: Anonymous

its ok

by: Anonymous

I love this! I am going to try this tomorrow! I'm a little nervous!!! I am NOT a baker! AH!! I couldn't find little 4 inch cake pans, so I'm going to try jumbo muffin pans!!!

by: Anonymous

Why is she cross eyed?

Answer. . .
by: Beth

She appears cross-eyed because any pictures you see of Minnie Mouse looking straight ahead are. I wanted her to look the way she does in "real life" - or at least the way she does when my daughter looked at her.

looks great
by: hope

i love the cake you did a great job, im going to try to fix a minnie cake for my baby girl her birthday is coming up soon. sept 19 she will be one i was thinking how can i make the face my dad drew the face on wax paper and im going to try putting tooth picks where he drew and then pull the paper off then fill in the cake. pray i do well.

Frosting trick
by: Barbie

If you want to use food coloring or cake frosting gel in the future, start with a chocolate icing to get to black. Takes a lot less coloring and works great!

Minnie Mouse
by: Anonymous

You should be so proud! It is amazing! I have recently started making my childrens cakes. No one (stores) make them as well as I would like. And homemade just tastes better. My baby girl will be 3 and she loves Minnie. You have given me the inspirtation. Thank you! :)

Looks Great!
by: Anonymous

Funny, I am going through the same thing as you....planning my daugther's 2nd bday party and can't find a minnie mouse pan anywhere! I am going to use your "directions"....thanks for sharing!

Love your cake
by: Anonymous

I feel Minnie Mouse is such a popular character to do for birthdays yet not enough things in the stores to make her as a cake. The stores need to get on that lol.

My daughter will be 2 in November and she is obsessed with Minnie Mouse. I will be using your directions to make her cake. Your cake looks beautiful by the way.

minnie mouse
by: Anonymous

My daughter is turning 3 this weekend... I will for sure be using your idea to make her minnie mouse cake!! Great ideas!

great cake love it
by: Antenette

Great job on this cake my youngest daughter wanted a Mini Mouse cake for her 3rd birthday and this is perfect just what I was looking for I'm going to buy a big white and pink poke a dot bow to put on the cake. My daughter is going to love this cake :)

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