This Minnie Mouse Castle Cake was for my granddaughter’s fourth birthday. The main cake is a 9inch round vanilla Madeira cake filled with vanilla butter cream. The 3 fatter round turrets are also vanilla filled butter cream Madeira cake. The board is covered with pink sugar pasted and then embossed with a cobble stone mat and then sprinkled with pink sparkle dust.

The walls of the cake are pink sugarpaste which I put on in sections and then tried to hide the joins with the turrets. The top of the wall is put on separately, sugarpaste again mixed with a bit of tylos to make them a bit firmer. I also used sponges to support the tops of the walls until they dried. I cut the shape of the top of the wall using the bottom end of a small number 1 cutter I have. The 3 tallest turrets are dowelled sugarpaste with the tops shaped and put on seperately. All the turrests and walls were embossed with a stone wall mat.

The shape of the castle was inspired by one of the Debbie Brown children’s cakes. The windows were made by cutting templates in plastic and then pressing the template into the turret and then cutting round the template onto very thinly rolled red sugarpaste. The doors were made by cutting round large and small templates and the smaller template was scored with lines by using the back of a knife. The lettering is white sugarpaste imprinted with a scroll roller and brushed with snowflake lustre dust.

Minnie mouse was a nightmare. I originally did a Minnie mouse first but she was huge compared to the castle so I had to start again. The ears were just 2 small black circles cut and left to dry. I shaped the face with flesh coloured sugarpaste and then moulded the black round it and cut 2 slits in the top of the head and stuck the ears in with sugar glue. The eyes and nose are just tiny white and black balls stuck on. The body is a sausage shaped black sugarpaste with a white and then pink round cookie cutter used for the dress. This was put in place leaning against the castle wall and then the head stuck on. I then shaped a pink bow and cut tiny white circles for the spots on the bow and dress all stuck with sugarpaste. I made the arms and legs with small balls and sausage shapes of sugarpaste. Sleeves and legs are hollowed at the end with the bottom of a paintbrush to then attach the arms and shoes then finally stuck in place.