I used a 9″ round cake for the head of the monkey cake, and used the round cake pan which is used to make 3D balls (I used only the one side) to make the belly a little more round. Then, I made a regular cake for the tail, hands, legs and an extra nose/cheeks/mouth piece (to make the face stand out).

First, I traced the round cake pan on a piece of paper and drew the face that I wanted. Then, I drew the legs, hands and tail on paper and cut them out. After I made the cakes and let them cool completely, I covered them in plastic and froze them. Once frozen, I took my templates and cut the pieces out. Then, I placed them on foil covered cardboard in the places that I wanted and glued them together with frosting. I again froze the cake because it makes it a lot easier to frost and the cake won’t fall apart. I would take the cake out and frost it until the frosting was having a hard time sticking. Then, I would freeze again and repeat until done.

To make the lighter mocha colored frosting, I used vanilla frosting and added enough cocoa to make it the desired color. I also outlined the fingers and toes to make them stand out more with chocolate icing.

On the face, I cut out an extra piece of the nose and cheeks/mouth to make it stand out. I placed this extra piece over the actual cake to make it raised, which helped to stand out the cheeks. I used red fruit by the foot for the inside of the ears and the tongue (you could also use red/pink frosting)

I got two pieces of chocolate licorice and twined them together to use as a vine in the upper hand and held it in place with tooth picks. I was planning on using green fruit by the foot to make leaves, but the store I went to was out of them.

This really was very easy to make and is my favorite cake that I have made so far!