I made this Monkey Jungle cake for my daughter’s 5th Birthday when she was having a gym birthday party for 34 kids. I had to transport the cake to the gym so I ensured it fitted perfectly into our Wilton cake transporter. It was the perfect size to feed those kids.

I made a round cake which I sliced the top straight and then turned over and iced the bottom. I also made 2 batches of cupcakes in gold cases. I cut through about a third of each cupcake, including the casing, so it fit snugly around the round cake. I then trimmed the tops off the cupcakes so they were level with the round one.

I cut a thin outline into the cake of the monkey’s face and spread with a knife butter icing colored with coco powder with all over there. I then cut the outline of the darker part of the monkey face gently into the icing and sprinkled chocolate rice onto that. I used Wilton black icing for the smile and Malteesers for the eyes.

I then piped the butter icing, colored with Wilton Kelly Green paste, using a piping bag and a nozzle which was flat on the bottom and scalloped on the top. I just did random swirls. The flowers were dripped on with a knife using heavily colored butter icing which was, by that time, quite runny. The writing I put on using yellow butter icing spread with a cocktail stick.

I then just put yellow banana candies around the outside. When it came to serve the cake, it was really easy to just pull off a cupcake from the edge to satisfy the eagerest kids and placate them with a banana candy.

One of my most successful cakes (4 kids, 23 parties in!)