I made this teacup/saucer cake for my wonderful Mom on Mother’s Day. She always has a cup of tea or cappuccino, so I thought a teacup would make the perfect cake for her.

I used ½ of the Wilton ball cake mold and a 6 in round cake pan to make the teacup. The cake is a yellow cake with French vanilla pudding added and iced with chocolate butter cream icing. I used purple fondant to cover the cake and then I used a deeper shade of purple icing for the flowers.

I tried the embroidery technique out for the first time on this cake. I definitely need practice doing this but it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I took a Styrofoam plate and covered it with the same purple fondant and did the embroidery technique again to make the plate. It was a little easier to do it on the plate as it was a flat surface. I actually had to turn the teacup part upside down to decorate it.

To finish it off I used white icing to make the “foam” on top of the cup. The cake was a big hit!