My dad is a huge NASCAR enthusiast, so for his birthday I wanted to make him a special cake that incorporated his favorite driver – Matt Kenseth. This particular year, Kenseth was driving a purple Crown Royal car, so that was my focus.

I started out with two rectangle cakes stacked on top of one another and then sculpted the cake the best I could. I used to pictures from the internet for inspiration. For the icing, I decided that I would try fondant for the first time. It was somewhat challenging to get smooth because the cake underneath was a little bit rough, and that showed through the fondant layer. However, it was much faster than covering the cake with regular icing. I also used edible glitter on top, to give the car a sheen that might be seen on a real car. I used regular icing for all of the other decorations that are on the car because I found them to be easier to work with when doing smaller details.

If I were to do this cake again, I’m not sure that I would use fondant – maybe after a little bit more practice. I would also be more inclined to use edible paper so that I could print out the proper images from the internet and use them on the cake because it was very difficult trying to fit words and pictures onto the cake freehand. I think edible paper/stickers would look more professional as well.

After I was finished, I also thought about using OREO’s for the wheels. They would have worked very nicely. However, for being a first try, I was happy with the way it turned out and my dad loved it! I will definitely try other NASCAR cakes for upcoming birthdays – it was a hit!