I made this Nemo cake for my son’s 2nd birthday because he loves Finding Nemo.

I baked three graduated tiers (two layers each) and cut them “mad hatter”-style and iced the top two tiers blue and the bottom tier tan before stacking them. I reinforced each tier with wooden dowels.

After stacking them and making sure they were secure, I added details such as the brown sugar around the bottom tier for the sand and green icing piped with a leaf tip for the seaweed.

I rolled out different colors of fondant and free-hand cut some fish and the crab. I mixed the blue and red fondant to make the octopus and white for the bubbles.

After adhering the sealife to the cake I topped it with a cheap pair of googles that I found on sale at my favorite “Falling Prices” mega-mart. (this was in January, so they must have them all the time!)

The cake was a hit and my son loved it!