You’ll need:

Sheet Cake

Chocolate fudge icing

Glazed & chocolate donut holes



Yogurt Raisins

Graham Crackers

Strawberry stems

Christmas trees

I made this Offroad Truck Cake for my 3 year old son, since my whole family is into Jeeps and going offroad. It was actually very easy. If you use this design and have the ‘ingredients’ on hand, it can be decorated in less than 30 minutes.

We put a 9 X 13 yellow sheet cake on a food tray that was large enough to hold it. We iced it completely with chocolate fudge icing. The boulders are chocolate donut holes and regular glazed donut holes. We had to use a dab of icing on the bottom of some of the ‘boulders’ in the stack to keep them in place and from rolling.

We also used a few whoppers as smaller rocks, and raisinettes were spotted around for the smallest rocks. They work great because they aren’t perfectly round, and come in varied sizes.

Finally, the white rocks are just yogurt raisins.

The ‘grass’ coming up around the cake is the stem of a strawberry. We made the trailhead signs out of a file label folded in half with a toothpick stuck in it.

The road is made from crushed up graham crackers. The trees are ones you find in a craft store or even a hobby store. We used 3 jeeps. One is climbing a rock pile. We put icing on a paper plate and ran the jeep through it slowly to ice the tires first. We had another broken jeep, and thought it would be funny to have it falling off the cake with the broken wheel laying beside it. I had another jeep ‘winching’ it off the cake.

Although this was made for a young kid, it will work for ANY jeep enthusiast, male or female, young or old.