I had this crazy idea to make an upright Owl birthday cake for my son, Asher’s first birthday. Boy, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I made the whole thing from scratch. I made a vanilla cake with a butter cream frosting. I used two 6″ Pyrex bowls for the body, a loaf pan for the head and an 8 X 8 pan for the base. A total of four layers.

I thought the whole shape turned out pretty well. I used chopsticks to hold the body and head layers together to keep it from toppling over. I frosted the base in the butter cream. I then mixed in some blue and yellow Wilton icing coloring into my vanilla butter cream to make the teal color and frosted the entire owl. I mixed a yellow and a black to frost the eyes, which didn’t turn out that well as you can see. The right eye is slipping… I removed and re frosted that eye three times before I just said, “forget it!” It just wanted to be saggy.

I bought a bag of fun sized Runts to use the banana shaped candies for the claws, but out of all the little bags, there were only 2 in the whole thing. I was really surprised! So, I used the two Runts on the ends and frosted the rest of the claws. I also made a small owl smash cake with the left over cake pieces from the loaf pan, which was adorable.

The entire thing took me 5 hours to make. I was still frosting the cake when my guests started arriving to the party. How embarrassing. All in all, I think it turned out pretty cute, even with the sagging eye. All my guests were raving about the cake and took lots of pictures. Despite how long it took me to make, I had such a fun time doing this cake. Not only did it look good, it was delicious!