This Peppa Pig Birthday Cake was made for my niece’s 2nd birthday. To make it I made 2 large rectangle chocolate cakes. For ease I used a dry cake mix for the cakes and so just needed to add egg and water. After cooking the cakes and letting them cool I put them in the freezer to harden up and make it easier to cut later.

I then took a picture of Peppa Pig I had blown up to the size of the cake I was making and cut out the head, body, ears, feet, arms and tail I could ice them individually.

After the cakes were taken from the freezer I laid the templates onto them and carefully cut around each shape. After letting the pieces deforst I used a chocolate buttercream to fill the cake and also put a thin layer around the edges to help the icing stick to the shapes.

I used a yellow sugarpaste icing to cover the boots, red for the dress and a pale pink for the face, ears, arms and tail. After icing each section I laid it onto a cake board. For the details I used a darker pink sugar paste to create the outline of the face, eyes, cheek and arms and stuck this down by slightly moistening the underside of it. I used the same dark pink to create the tail. To do this I twisted it and added it to the already iced tail section of the cake.

For the final touches I made the eyes by making up some really thick icing sugar in white and added the centre with a black icing pen. The mouth was drawn on using a dark pink icing pen.

I then wrote a birthday message using the same pink icing pen I had used for the mouth.

The final result was a birthday cake that my niece loved.