I made this Peppa Pig Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday because she loves Peppa Pig. I drew a template for the cake and traced the component parts onto grease proof paper, the cake is made up of three main separate parts crown, head and body.

I baked 2 20 inch round sponges, I removed them from the tin before they cooled and placed them upside down on the cooling rack, this helped to compress the risen middle to make it a more even cake. I then wrapped them in foil and froze both sponges overnight, this makes cutting the cake a lot easier and you get a much cleaner cut.

I removed the cakes from the freezer and pinned the templates onto the cake, and cut around the templates. I then used fondant icing to ice the the cakes. I used white for the crown and a pale pink for the the head (I brushed the cakes with melted jam to help the icing to stick to the cakes). I then assembled the 3 parts of the cake together on the cake board using a thick icing sugar paste to “glue” the cakes to the board. I then made the eyes, mouth and cheek using fondant icing. I then used long lengths of rolled icing to edge the cake. I used jelly diamonds to decorate the crown and cut out star shapes to decorate the dress.

I used pale pink icing for the arms and legs and dark pink for the shoes and magic wand. I used a star shaped cutter for the wand. I used white luster powder on the dress and crown and pink luster powder on the stars. I also cut white and pink stars to decorate the board. The wings were made out of rice paper dusted with white luster powder and pushed into a slit I’d cut into the cake with a knife after icing. I used sugar letters as the greeting.

Finally I used writing icing to embellish the crown, the wings and the star on the wand. And placed a jelly diamond onto the wand. It was hard work getting this cake done but was worth it because my little girl was delighted and I had so many lovely comments. Good luck and have fun.