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Coolest Peppa Pig Cake 3

by Natasha
(Essex, UK)

Peppa Pig Cake

Peppa Pig Cake

This Peppa Pig cake was made for my darling daughter's 3rd birthday. I made a regular chocolate sponge mix (6 eggs) baked in two 10" x 7" cake tins and filled with chocolate spread then laid with the 10" sides together (10" side to the top).

I downloaded and printed a picture of Peppa from the web and enlarged it to fit the size of the cake. I copied it to tracing paper which I then secured to the cake and cut through with a sharp knife to get the outline of the head and dress (arms, legs, tail and shoes are made of Ready Ice). I found it easier to make and ice the ears separately which were stuck on at the end with more chocolate spread.

I used approx. 1kg of Ready Ice in total. I would estimate that I coloured 750g of the Ready Ice to pale pink, half of which was rolled out to cover the head section and ears. When the icing had been laid over the top section of the cake I used the template to cut off at the point where the head meets the dress. The remaining pale pink icing was divided to make the arms, legs, tail and edging for the head, ears and nose.

Of the small amount left I then added more colouring to make a darker pink for the nostrils and mouth and a then a tiny amount of black to make a darker pink for the cheek. The remaining 250g of icing was used to make the eyes, shoes and dress.

I found it really helpful to keep laying the template over the iced cake for sizing and positioning of the arms, legs, tail, ears, eyes, nostrils, smile and cheek as it helped to keep Peppa's pose and expression the same as the original picture.

Comments for Coolest Peppa Pig Cake 3

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by: Anonymous

Thanks so much!
My little sister loves Peppa Pig, so this is a big help.

very good
by: Anonymous

very good

peppa pig
by: Adele

This is by far the best looking Peppa Pig cake I've seen on line. I will be attempting to make 1 for my little girls 3rd birthday!! Thanks for the useful tips.

by: superr

This cake is cool as cookies :)

by: aunty to Peppa fan

Brill cake, I'm making it this week for my niece who's two!

Well done
by: Anonymous

This is amazing. Thanks for your tips! Im planning to make a George pig for my 3yo birthday.

by: Anonymous

what a lovely easy to make idea!!!! will def have a go for my daughters 2nd birthday party!! thanks xxx

by: mummy to peppas biggest fan

This is a brill cake going to try make it myself. Hope it is as easy as you make it soonxxx

by: Sarah

This is realy good!!!! I am going to attempt this for my daughter Skye's 2nd birthday, I have printed a picture of Peppa off already. Thanks for the inspiration!!Wish me luck!!!!

by: Anonymous

This is I dare try it for my daughter's 1st Birthday. Well done, what will you do to better it next year!

Peppa Pig
by: Carmel Kent UK

Your cake looks wonderful and has given me the confidence to copy your idea for my soon to be 3 grandaughter.

by: Julia

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the instructions and tips of how to make this cake. I made one today for my daughter's 2nd birthday and I am very pleased with the results. Looks just like Peppa Pig and my daughter loves it. Thanks again

by: Deborah

Thank you so much! Just made your cake for my little girl's 2nd birthday...can't wait to show it to her tomorrow.

Thank you
by: Charlene

Thanks for this it turned out fantastic! And my little girl loved it so much.

very cute cake
by: claire

i am going to attempt this cake for my soon to be 3 little girl

great tips


by: Anonymous

It is so hard to find a recipe where you don't have to make about 6 cakes and cut them up! Thanks this is so much simpler to do. I am looking forward to doing this in Feb.

by: Anonymous

Having a go at this tomorrow morning, will let you know how it goes!!

Peppa Pig
by: Anita

Your cake looks great. Have been looking for Peppa Pig cake tins, but they haven't made one yet.
I will be trying our your design. Thank you soooo much.

by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your Peppa Pig cake, I have been looking everywhere for one, your picture and instructions are fantastic.
I am going to make one for my grand daughter Millie who will be 3, she has been talking about her Peppa Pig cake for weeks.
Thank you.

my daughters 3rd bday
by: natasha powell

i cant wait to get started it looks like a challenge and that's what i want i will practice cause i want my daughters bday cake to be made as she is my world it doesn't look as hard as i thought it would be so wish me luck im going to start practicing soon and the bday aint until july so i have quite a lot of time but not as much as i think

Questions please
by: Annabella

This looks amazing. I really want to make it for my little girl's second birthday but I'm not sure about a couple of things. Were the cake tins rectangles? How long did you cook the cakes for? And did you split each of the two cakes in half and fill them? Thanks!!!

No questions!
by: Annabella

I have just read this again and realised my questions are covered !!

Thank-you ever so much!
by: Janet

I will be making this for our soon to be 3 yr. old...our girls LOVE Peppa Pig! All the way from New Mexico-USA Thank-you for these great directions.

by: Anonymous

We made this for our girl's 3rd birthday party and it rocked...the measurements of icing are priceless...thankyou

by: Anonymous

that was great and cool love it

Great Cake, lovely clear instructions. Thank you.
by: Pamela

My soon to be 2yrs old grandson adores Peppa and his Mummy bought a lovely Peppa cake for his first birthday party last August. However, this year a new baby brother is due just before his second birthday so Nanna is going to attempt this cake. I am hoping it will be a success- the instructions and tips are very clear. Many thanks.

by: Anonymous

Where did you get your cake pan from? Thanks

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