I’ve made this sPeppa Pig Cake Design for my daughter, Ceinwen, who is 4 this week.

It is 3 sponges deep and I used 4 7inch and 6 8 inch round sponges in total. The head is a 7 inch with the nose cut from an 8 inch circle. One ear is part of the nose cake, but the left ear was cut out separately. The dress is an 8 inch round with extra sponge bits cut in near triangles to fan out the dress.

I used 6oz caster sugar, 6oz stork, 6oz self-raising flour and 3 eggs to make a 7in and 8 in 4 times, then 8,8,8,4 to make two 8 inch rounds. I had quite a lot of cut off cake – but that keeps the family occupied while I get on with shaping and decorating!

I built the cake with one layer of sponge, butter icing, layer of sponge, seedless raspberry jam, layer of sponge, butter icing. At this point I also smeared butter icing around the sides (total butter icing was a 250g pack of unsalted butter and about 500g of icing sugar).

Then I used a 1KG Asda ready mixed white icing block. I rolled a bit for the while behind the legs first and cut out circles for the eyes.

I then kneaded into the icing, pink, red and black food colouring, separately to make the required amount of icing to cover the dress, face and other bits. This was messy, and needed icing sugar to be mixed in to absorb the liquid food colouring, but worked really well, achieving coloured, roll-able icing. I also had a ready-made pink piping tube to do the finishing touches.

In total it took me about 3 hours to bake, 1 to shape and 3 to build and ice.