I made this Peppa Pig jumping in Muddy Puddles Cake in 2010 for my 2 year old’s birthday party. It is 2 rectangular cakes made using the Annabel Karmel’s Carrot Cake recipe which uses veg. oil instead of butter, and pineapple juice instead of a lot of sugar to sweeten – so it is BRILLIANT for kids and very very tasty for adults and children alike. I don’t use any other recipe now even for adult cakes.

The base cake was covered fondant coloured blue for the sky, overlayed with green for the grass. The hills were cut round using a sharp craft knife. Coloured up fondant clouds, puddle and splashes were then added. The base cake was then set to the side.

The top layer of Peppa was cut to size using a print out of a Peppa picture and a sharp knife. Actually the longest thing about making this case was getting the colour correct for Peppa’s dress – its an orangey-red which took a while to get just right. The head and ears were covered in pink fondant (ears done separately for ease).

The wellies were cake covered with yellow fondant, but I think if I were do to the cake again I would just make them out of fondant as this was too fiddly (and I ended up with one bigger boot). The arms, hands and little bit of leg were all made from the same pink fondant.

The eyes, pupils, nostrils, cheek and mouth were all made from fondant – I used the template to make sure they were positioned correctly.

Finally I iced round some slight darker pink icing using a no.4 writing nozzle to show the outline of the head, nose and arms.

Job done! All in, the decoration it took about 5 hours over two nights. I would do it faster next time now I’ve worked out how to do it all – and hopefully this might help you work a bit quicker too.

Kids LOVED the cake – no-one wanted to cut her up – but cake is meant to be eaten, so cut up she was, and we enjoyed her immensely.