We had a Pig Themed Birthday party for my son’s 1st Birthday and made this Piggy Birthday Cake. The body of the pig is a 10″ round cake and the face is a 6″ round cake.

I frosted both cakes and then covered them both with fondant that I colored pink (warm up the fondant in a microwave for a few seconds and only use gel coloring, liquid adds too much moisture to the fondant). I rolled the fondant out to the size I needed and laid it on top of the frosted bottom cake. I used a fondant cutting tool to trim around the edges and then smoothed it out around the cake base. (This was my first time using fondant!)

I then did the same for the top layer. I put some frosting on the bottom of the first cake and stuck it on top of the bottom layer. I cut large triangles out of the fondant for the ears and let the tops of them dry over a thick crayon to get the slightly curled effect. I rolled a chunk of the fondant into an oval for the nose and used the eraser end of a pencil to make the two nostrils. I put some frosting on the bottom of it and stuck it to the face.

I used black frosting for the eyes and pink pearl dust powder for the rosy cheeks. (I sprinkled a little of the dust on the cheek area, then wet my finger and swirled it around a bit).

I also rolled a small piece of the fondant into a “snake” and curled it to make a tail for the pig.

The legs are Ho-Ho/Swiss Miss rolled cakes cut in half then covered in fondant. I used a line of black frosting to make the “hooves.”

All in all, it was fairly easy to assemble once you had the fondant rolled out, which for me was the hardest part. But microwaving the fondant made it SO much easier!