This Pink Barbie Birthday Cake Design is a cake I did for my partner’s niece for her 5th birthday. I started by baking a 10oz sponge in a sandwich tin, and a 6oz sponge in a glass bowl, and left these to cool for a day.

To hold these together I used butter icing. Once they were together I used an electric knife to shape the cake so there were no corners. I then cut a hole in the top an but Barbie’s body in it (I had already taken off her legs).

To Decorate:

I used ready made fondant icing, added a drop of watered down red food colouring to make the icing a very light pink, and needed the icing until it was all the same colour. Before rolling out the icing I used a tape measure to measure the diameter of the cake, then rolled the icing to a circle a bit bigger than what I measured, making sure it was not too thick.

Then used the rolling pin to transfer the icing onto my cake, which I had covered very thinly in butter icing, and let it fall into place, then trimmed round the bottom to make it look neat.

I used some of the spare icing to make a top for Barbie which I layed over the top of the cake. I then used pink butter icing to pipe around the join of the top and the bottom of the cake. I also used butter icing on the top of the dress, and pink glitter sugar.

The leftover icing I added a drop more colouring to it and made it darker. I then cut these into strips to make the bow, and stuck it onto the cake by slightly wetting one side and added a bit more glitter on the knot of the bow.