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Coolest Pink Playboy Cake Design 4

by Tracey A.

Homemade  Pink Playboy Cake Design

Homemade Pink Playboy Cake Design

I had made a Pink Playboy Cake Design some months earlier than this one for a friends daughter’s sweet sixteen party but that was done in a very hot pink heart with a black playboy bunny on top. I was then asked if I could do one for another friends 10 year old. I decided to tone the colour scheme down a bit and this one is the result.

I made two cakes, one 9 inch square and one 7 inch square basic vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache filling in the large one. The smaller one I cut to shape with a template and layered it on top with more chocolate. I then put a thin layer of buttercream over the whole thing. I find it useful to use buttercream as the glue as it leaves a smoother surface and can fill holes and imperfections better than jam.

I covered the cake with one large rollout of fondant paste which I cut off just short of the edge of the board which was a 12” square. Next I painted the bunny and the sides of the base cake pink and the top of the base cake black with colour paste. Then I coated the bunny with pink sugar crystals, leaving the eye hole clear – this I painted black. I used the sugar crystals because the pink I used to paint the bunny was too bright for the effect I wanted.

To get the shiny effect on the base cake I sprinkled it with edible holographic glitter and I put this on the eye of the bunny too. Then it was just a matter of a ribbon round the cake and finishing with pink glace icing piped in small dots around the cake using a no. 2 tube and the finishing touch was using the edible silver balls pushed on to the alternate iced dots to give a “stage lighting” effect.

The final thing was to pipe the greeting and name and Megan was delighted to receive her grown up playboy cake.

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16 and 10 year old playboy cakes?
by: Anonymous

Your cake is done very well! But I feel compelled to comment on the ages of the birthday girls?!! Girls have enough pressure from the media to grow up way too fast...I can't imagine how it would be to have the same pressure at home!! Please consider the age when asked to do another. I think it is our JOB as adults and parents to build a girls self esteem, through intelligence not sexual exploitation. Let us teach them they have so much more to offer the world....not just physical attributes but the character they possess inside.

Reply to anon
by: Tracey

Thanks for your comments but I think you should remember that these are CAKES and not access to unsuitable material. This logo is now on anything and everything and its origins are lost to the younger generation as it is now considered to be merely a cool brand logo rather than anything else. Yes we do have a duty to protect and care for the younger generation, but generating too much curiosity by refusal can be just as harmful. Please note that in both cases I discussed this with the children and their parents - what I would do for my own and what some one else's morals dictate are not necessarily the same and it is not for me to judge, I don't believe its for you to do so either.

My daughter is turning 18
by: Susan Tabone at victoria

I was looking for cake ideas for my daughter Sarah who is turning 18 on the 16th April. This is a great cake thank you for the detailed description I will make the same and add a few of my own touches. I am sure she will love this cake.
Thank you Susan

to the other anonymous lady:P and creater of this cake
by: Anonymous

I think your cake is awesome....for a girl my age (14) i know that the playboy sign is becoming popular...i ask my mom to buy me the watches, bracelets, necklaces and other things....playboy is NOT inappropriate, the women do not do anything but pose and thats it, they are not prostitutes or anything like i know older women who go to male strip clubs so whats more degrading? Playboy women or male strippers?



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