My son decided he wanted a pirate theme so I knew right away that I wanted to have a homemade Pirate Birthday Cake with a pirate ship and island. I looked online and bought some pirate figurines from . They also had a cave with a treasure chest and palm tree so I also purchased that. I thought it would look great on the island.

I baked 2 12-by-18 inch cakes and froze them in the freezer 1 week before the party. The night before the party I took the cakes out of the freezer and cut each cake in half. I then put vanilla pudding in the middle of each cake. I got a wooden board large enough for each cake to be placed side by side on. I then put cakes together on the board and then coated them with a thin layer of frosting and put it in the freezer for a few hours. I then took the cake out of the freezer once I had all the frosting colored and ready for decorating. I used brown frosting for the sides and then decorated the top blue.

I made a extra 12-by-18 inch cake to carve an island out. I frosted the island first and then put it on the cake. I also baked a cake in a bread loaf pan for part of the ship and then added some more pieces of cake to the ship until it was the shape I wanted and then frosted it.

I made sails out of felt and painted skulls on them with black paint. I used skewers for the poles of the sails. I used a spoon to make the water look wavy. I put 3 gold coins on each side of the cake. I then put all the pirates and pirate candle in place. My son and his friends just loved this Pirate Birthday Cake.