My three year old grandson asked for a Pirate Island Birthday Cake. He was very pleased with and it, was a hit with all the other children at the party too. It consisted of two 8 inch square victoria sponge cakes joined together with butter icing to create the base. A small cake in a saucer to give the effect of a mound for the green part of the island. I made two more sponges using a small oblong loaf tin for the treasure chest. The lid I cut to shape. I froze the lid first to make it easier to cut to shape.

The treasure chest I covered in brown roll-out icing (having painted the chest first with warm apricot jam to make it stick). I made the straps and the key hole out of grey roll out icing. The treasure was put on the top of a layer of butter icing that held all the chocolate coins, sweets, and sweet necklaces in place. The lid was placed on top of the treasure at an angle, and secured at the back with three cocktail sticks to stop it sliding off. The palm tree was made out of some old silk flower leaves that I cut to shape, and a small length of bamboo cane which I painted with brown food colouring. I joined all the leaves together and pushed them into the center of the bamboo.

The figures and the candles are readily available on the internet. I covered the base with normal butter icing, the mound with green butter icing,and some blue at the opposite corner to give the effect of the sea, leaving the rest as beach. I sprinkled the beach area with demerara sugar to give the effect of sand. I had lots of coins left so I stuck them round the sides to give some interest. This proved a hit with the children as they all got to pull them off after the candles were blown out.