I made this Pirate Ship Cake Design for my son’s 5th birthday.

Building the cake:

Start with a large rectangular sponge, cut in half length ways then cut about 3 inches off the ends. You should now have two large rectangles which you pile up and stick together with jam or filling. You now have two smaller rectangles. One should sit on one end flush with rest of the cake. The other should balance over the edge of the cake making the back of the galleon. Cut the flush end into a triangle point. Now you have the basic shape of the ship. Now to decorate!


First I coloured some ready to roll white fondant icing blue, and rolled this out to make water for the ship to sit on. I used chocolate butter icing to cover the ship. Then curly wurly’s around the base of the ship and to make railings around the back of the galleon and along the sides. I coloured a little fondant icing in grey and cut circles rolling these out a little to stretch them. On top of these I added a white circle to make portholes along the side and one in the back. I used silver decorating balls to add some details on the front of the boat.

Finishing touches:

Now the cake is pretty much done, I added my son’s Happyland pirates to the boat. I had a small boat which I stuck on the “water” and used a candy necklace to link to the ship. On the other side I shaped a number from a sausage of white fondant icing and used another candy necklace with a candy heart to link this to the ship. The idea being that this was like an anchor. Finally I threaded squares of white card on to three skewers to use as sails. On the middle skewer, I added a jolly roger flag.

I took the original idea from the Ghostly Galleon in the Women’s Weekly Kids Cakes Book and developed it depending on available ingredients and to meet the pirate theme.