My son had a Pirate fancy dress party for his 2nd birthday. I had already made him a ship on his actual birthday. So wanted something different, that would still fit in with the theme.

I had decided on a Pirate Treasure Island Birthday Cake for a while. And literally the night before making the cake, I had the brainwave of the island being in the shape of the 2.

I made my large sponge cake (12 eggs, 800g flour 800g butter and 800g caster sugar and a few tablespoons vanilla essence) and baked on 180 for about an hour (we have a fan oven so it may vary.

While it was cooling I drew the shape of a 2 on a piece of A4. My tin is slightly larger than an A4 sheet. So I knew the size was right.

Once it was cool I covered the whole cake in butter icing. A tip from my friend as she said it reduces the amount of crumbs you get in your icing.

I then placed the cutout 2 in the icing, to leave space for my island. I mixed up 2 bowls of blue icing using the colour paste. I did this to ensure it wasn’t a flat colour and would look more like the sea. I covered the cake (bar the 2) and the board in the blue icing. Putting some of each all over the cake so it mixed nicely. I made sure I put it on roughly so it would look like waves.

I left this for about 10 mins to harden slightly so I could move the 2 shape. I then carefully poured on crushed Maltesers ( I whizzed them in the blender) into the shape. I poured them on quite thickly and unevenly t make it look like sand.

I then added pirate figures and a palm tree on the cake. And put a ship and crocodile on the board. There wasn’t enough room on the cake for these.

It turned out much better than my original idea of just a wiggly island shape would have. And went down a storm, especially the parts with crushed Maltesers on!