This Pool Party Birthday Cake was fun to do and really wasn’t that hard! I did however have a few problems. I started by baking two 9×13 cakes, stacking them on top of each other with some icing in between and then letting them chill in the fridge for about 3 hours.

I then cut my pool out. Here is where I went wrong for 2 reasons. I cut the pool too close to the edge of the cake, and I also cut down too far. I only pulled out the top layer of cake, but my knife actually cut down all the way to the bottom in certain spots. This became a problem when I poured my jello in.

I made 2 boxes of the berry blue jello with the Jiggler recipe (although I think 1 would have been plenty) and let the Jiggler jello cool until it was thick enough to stick to my finger when touched. I poured it in the cake and the thin wall started pushing out from the pressure. We had to do quick cake surgery, so I just grabbed 4 coke cans and lined them up to support the wall until the jello hardened.

I also added to “swimmers” to the jello floating in gummy lifesavers while the jello was liquid, so they hardened in it! I used white Chiclets gum as my pool tiles and a graham cracker iced in white frosting with gummy savers for the base for my diving board. The rest of the accessories are all Polly Pockets with the exception of the umbrellas and of course the coconut which we dyed green to resemble grass.

The frosting we tinted tan to look like pool decking and then pressed lines into it to look like pool decking.

When we took the cans away in the morning, the jello was hard, but it had seeped down to the bottom and out a little so we just added some support to the wall with another graham cracker.

This pool cake was a hit and tasted great with the jello mixed into the bite!