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Coolest Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake 39

by Rachael Z,
(Wake Forest, NC)

Homemade  Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake

i started this Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake with all the cakes:
*Base Cake(11 x 15 x 2 Wilton Performance Pan) can use two standard cake mixes or double a homemade recipe in any choice of flavor - this one is a homemade deep chocolate - my mom's "famous" recipe.
*Belly Cake (Wilton Soccer ball pan) holds almost a standard cake mix - use the remaining for the boobies.
*Boobies, used Pampered Chef prep bowls (take less time to bake than the bigger cakes - keep an eye on them).

I froze the cakes - they're easier to ice if they been frozen.

Iced all the cakes with traditional buttercream (Wilton recipe. I like Almond extract in place of Vanilla), took triple recipe for all cakes plus decorating (I like to thickly ice, especially under fondant).

I cut a cake board to "fit" the belly and boobies (the first time I made a belly cake, I covered the B & B's while they were ON the base cake, this was tricky because the fondant sticks like glue to the buttercream). This time I decided to try icing and covering separately, worked MUCH better, just a little tricky placing the B & B's cake on the base cake. Buttercream covers a multitude of "errors" when you're putting the final touches on - get creative!

Tinted fondant with blue Wilton icing color, just added a little until I got the shade I wanted - rolled and covered B & B's. I really like the "draped" look, so I left a "skirt" on the bottom of the belly, gives nice dimension to the cake.

Used the Wilton fondant embossing roller and rolled fondant to create the "beaded bands".

Tinted the remaining buttercream to "match" with the same icing color, used tinted and white buttercream to make "dots" - this was for accent AND to cover a few little minor booboo's that happened when I put the B & B's cake on the base cake. Dusted the white bands with white sparkle dust.

Stood back and rubbed my equally pregnant BELLY while I "admired" the finished product!

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about you pregnant belly cake
by: Evonne

hi... your cake came out beautiful' you have a tremendous talent' i,m also a cake decorator and i have to do one pregnant belly cake, for this month of Nov. i was researching on websites, until i came up with your great job.. i loved it keep up the great work. sinc,Evonne

awesome cake
by: Debbie, db

you did an awesome job, this cake is absolutely beautiful, what a creation you are so talented.I am a decorator too, just starting out and I am sure trying this one.
Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing

by: Brittney

Would you be able to tell me about how many pounds of fondant you used for your cake? I really like it and would like someone to make one for my baby shower.

Price please
by: Dave

Hi could you tell me please how much you charge for this cake?

Pregnant Belly Baby Shower Cake
by: Alicia

How do you get a cake pan with a foot on it?

by: Sam

I''ve been asked to make one of these for next week. Looks easy. Thanks for the details!

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