I got the inspiration from your website when I was searching for ideas for a friend’s aunt’s baby shower.

I used a half sheet cake for the base and the Wilton dome set for the belly and the cupcake insert (had to use twice) for the breasts.

I filled the cavity of the belly with homemade vanilla heavy whipped cream and diced peaches and placed it on top of the sheet cake. I moistened the cake with some of the canned peach syrup to enhance the peach flavor that I was trying to achieve. I then proceeded to carve the sheet cake to give it a woman’s curvature.

The cutouts from the neck and top of the shoulders were added to the sides and adhered with buttercream to create the slopes of the shoulders. Frost the cake with buttercream.

I used the Wilton fondant and tinted the dress with rose petal pink, the skin tone with a touch of brown and the sash for the empire dress with at least a teaspoonful of brown. I had a lot of difficulty achieving a chocolaty brown for the sash. Any suggestions?

For the flowers, I used the fondant flower cutter and used the ball tip of a fondant decorator set to thin the edges. Use a small amount of rose petal pink fondant and roll into a ball for the center of the flower.

Brush the dress and sash with white glitter dust to create a sheen. I used almond extract for the liquid. DO NOT brush glitter on skin-tone fondant. On the white sash, I wrote, using chocolate buttercream, the scripture “Children are a gift from God.” from Psalm 127:3. This was a request from my friend.

I really enjoyed making this homemade pregnant belly cake and thanks to this website, I got such great ideas from fellow cake decorating enthusiasts!