The first thing that we did when we made this Princess Birthday Cake was buy 2 chocolate cake mixes! We baked one in a large round cake pan, and the other one in a regular size bunt pan!

After cooling we took the large round cake and placed it on a cake plate, we then took the bunt cake and placed it flat side down on top of the large round cake, we put a small Styrofoam cup in the middle of the bunt cake to hold up the Barbie.

We then frosted the whole cake with white frosting and smoothed it out as much as possible. After smoothing the frosting we took the rounded tip of the butter knife and made fan shapes on the cake starting at the top coming down on to the flat sides of the cake. We then took the left over frosting and divided it into two and made it purple and blue. We put the colored frosting in the piping bags and took the last of the white frosting and filled in between the cup and the cake. Then we took the purple and blue frosting and made several rings outwards towards the top of the cake. With the colored frosting we went evenly around the cake in the same fan shape as the white frosting, putting first the purple frosting fans on evenly spread out, then the blue fans on in between the purple ones. We hooked the bottom of each fan together with its own color and put rosettes at the top of the fans, in every other color just like the fans. Lastly, we sprinkled clear and blue sugar crystals all over the cake for a little sparkle.

I have decorated cakes before, but this is the first time I have decorated a cake to this extent. I want to thank my co-worker, she saved my life and made the cakes, bless her heart!