This Princess Castle is a cake I created last year for my daughter’s 5th birthday. I submitted this picture so you can get an idea of the cake. You may add things on top of the cake and around. I recommend a small toy package of Princesses and create a story.(figures)

I used cake cones (one upside down and one right side up)on top of each other and an upside down sugar cone on top of that for the turrets. I iced them lightly with with gold and purple icing and rolled them in sprinkle crystals to match each. I used fondant to cover each cake (store bought is easier). Though if you buy store bought get a flavor to add and kneed into the icing. Don’t use but a dab of flavoring. If during this process the icing becomes too sticky roll and kneed into powdered sugar.

I used Hershey’s chocolate bar (large) for the doors and windows then made handles and window lines with royal icing.

I hand drew (with a knife) a brick effect into the two layers of cake fondant. I dusted the fondant with a luster (edible) to create a magical theme.

For the rainbow, I used those blasted long twist ties they insist to package every new toy with these days. I use these industrious twist ties for all sorts of things. Anyway, I bought a bag of baby rainbow mallos and pushed them on through the wire in each color. Take note if you do this, the color on top must be longer than the next and so forth.

Leave some room on each end of the ties. Then just push the end of the (twist tie) pieces into the cake. This method (with the twist ties and mallos) can be used to create almost anything you want because they bend however you make them.

That’s right ladies, so when you open those stinking presents with crazy industrious twist ties… KEEP THEM! LOL