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Coolest Princess Castle Birthday Cake 343

by Lisa R.
(Spanish Fork, Utah)

Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Princess Castle Birthday Cake

My daughter was turning 3 and I wanted to make a special Princess Castle Birthday Cake for her birthday. Originally I planned to buy the Wilton Romantic Castle Set, but in the end I decided that I could come up with something that she would like just as well without paying $18.00 for the set. I looked on this site for ideas, and this is what I came up with.

Two nights before the party I prepared the towers for the cake. I got a hard candy recipe online and added 1 bottle of cherry flavoring to the candy to give it a pink tint. I brushed the candy on ice cream cones to make the towers. I stuck two cones together bottom to bottom to make the tall towers. For the roofs of the towers I got cone shaped ice cream cones and brushed them with chocolate and rolled them in sprinkles.

The next day I baked 2 9" round chocolate cakes for the bottom and put chocolate pudding in between the layers. For the top I baked a cake in a small Corning Ware dish (about 5 1/2" around) since I did not have a small cake pan. I made frosting from shortening, powered sugar, and milk. I added a little butter flavoring to the frosting as well. I used shortening instead of butter so the frosting would be white.

I assembled the cake and used decorating tips to make vines and flowers around the bottom of the castle. I also added windows to the towers and a door on the front. I finished the cake the day before the party and refrigerated it to add stability.

I was worried about transporting this cake to the park, but I didn't have to worry at all. the towers around the outside added a ton of support. My daughter wanted me to add princesses to the cake, but my platter was not big enough, so I set them in front at the party.

As is always the case with these creations, in the end I would have done a few things differently. I think I should have coated the towers and roofs with white chocolate instead, but everyone else thought it looked great. The cake was a big hit and all the little girls were so excited. It was definitely worth the time and effort.

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