This Princess Castle Birthday Cake was for my daughter’s 5th birthday. Like many other little girls, she announced she wanted a princess cake. After looking at lots of photos online, I convinced her that a princess castle was preferable to an actual princess.

The cake was made using many of the ideas found on this website and others. The two tiers are 8” and 6” rounds, 2 layers each. They are a basic vanilla birthday cake filled and frosted with butter cream. At my daughter’s request there is also a thin layer of raspberry jam in between layers, which tasted surprisingly good!

The two tiers were frosted pink and then assembled. Due to the small size of the upper tier, I did not use wooden dowels – the small tier is sitting right on the larger tier. From experience, I have learned to use a carpenter’s level when making tiered cakes. I made sure the bottom tier was flat and level before putting the top tier on. Unfortunately, I didn’t check that the top tier was level, and noticed after the fact that it was a bit off.

The shell border was added with a small star tip. The door and drawbridge are obviously made from a Hershey’s bar (carefully trimmed into shape with a sharp knife). I outlined the door with a star border. There’s a bit of blue frosting under the drawbridge (supposed to be water).

The turrets were made out of a wafer cone and sugar cone. I cut off the wide end of the wafer cones with a bread knife, as otherwise the turrets were too tall. There is a tiny shell border around the wide end of the sugar cones. They are also dusted with pink “edible glitter”, which looks nice, but tastes terrible!

The flag was printed on paper and taped on to a toothpick for the finishing touch.

I had hoped to add green “grass” and some flowers to cover the rest of the cake board, but I ran out of both time and frosting.