I made this Princess Castle Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. It is very easy to do. I have never made a castle cake before. I used 2 boxes of white cake and 2 large tubs of regular white frosting the ones sold in any store in the baking isle. I baked one box in a rectangle baking pan for the bottom. I used the second box and split it into 3 small cakes using a round Pyrex dish I had for the second layers and the top is a bowl that can you can bake in.

I baked the bottom layer first and then put the two round Pyrex cakes on top and frosted then the round top layer *a tip if you are doing a border I would do it as you go with the layers. I waited and it became difficult to get into the spaces I wanted without touching other parts I already completed.) After it was set up I just went with it, thought about a castle and what I could make. I decided that bushes were very easy and little flowers. I put just a few simple windows and a door. I used waffle cones frosted and rolled in pink sugar sprinkles for the pillars. I used store bought small princesses for the added princess castle touch.

All the kids loved it especially the birthday girl. Oh, a big hint that may seem like common sense but I over looked it. I didn’t support the middle space between the bottom layer and the top with something, I had to call one of my kids to grab a toy block while I held it up when it started sinking on me and pushed it in the back of the cake to support it. So you may want to address that issue before starting. But the kids didn’t notice that flaw they enjoyed the castle cake. Anyone thinking of trying go for it! You’ll be surprised what you can do.