I made this castle cake for my baby girl’s first birthday party. It only seemed fitting to have a princess party for our little angel!

I actually got a lot of ideas from this website. I took things from all the different cakes that I liked and came up with my own design. I loved the idea of icing the cake by using the big round tip and making big dots, then coming around and flattening them with the spoon to make them appear to be stones. However, I did have a lot of people think the cake was covered in mini marshmallows, so maybe I should have flattened them a bit more.

I had my hubby cut 2″ PVC pipe into 4 pieces at 6 inches, and 1 at 4 inches (for the top one) and wrapped each with fondant to make the towers. Then I iced sugar cones and rolled in pink sugar crystals (another idea from this website) and stuck one on the top of each pipe. If you will be transporting the cake, I would suggest not attaching the cones to the top of the towers until you get there. As I was pulling out of the driveway, all of the cones fell off. I was able to repair the cake so it didn’t look too obvious, but I about had a heart attack when I watched them all tumble!

For the turrets, I used Microsoft Excel to make a template that I placed over rolled out fondant (pretty thick) and cut out four of them. I inserted toothpicks into the fondant turrets and stuck them in the cake between the towers. The flags are also fondant on a toothpick stuck through the tip of each cone.

The thing I wished I had done differently to speed up the process was to buy two of each size cake pan used. The baking of the cakes took about 3 times longer than the actual decorating part, due to poor planning. But I learned a lot from the experience, and I think this was the best cake I’ve made yet.