I made this Princess Castle Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday. She loved it! This is the first cake that I have ever made and I was pretty scared. It took me 2-3 days to actually make the cake.

I think I used 5 boxes of cake mix and 2 tubs of Wilton icing. For the colors, I used Wilton icing coloring. I just used regular food coloring for the green and yellow parts. I started 2 days before her birthday and baked the cakes. I had 6 cakes when I was done. Two were for the bottom and they were 10 inch, two for the middle and they were 8 inch, and I only used one for the top because it was so big, it was a 6 inch.

I froze them and the next day I got them out and let them thaw out. The towers were made of ice cream cones. I simply dipped them in pink melted down chocolate. The tops on the towers were sugars cones, I rolled them in purple icing and then in purple sanding sugar. The little brick things at the top of the towers are mini marshmallows dipped in the chocolate.

After I started putting the cake together, using icing to hold the layers together I put dowel rods in it for a little extra support. I had to ice it 2 times. Once that was done, I put the towers together and put a coat of icing on them.

The door and windows were cookie and creme candy bars, I just broke the right size I needed. I used the Wilton gun to do the piping on the cake. Have no idea what tips, I just used what I thought would look best.

The princess crown things in the side of the cake were actually rings that I bought off eBay, along with the dolls. I got a pretty good deal on them too. The only thing I wish I would have done different is not put the little mermaid on top of the castle! I got in a hurry and just stuck her up there, not even thinking until my daughter said ” mommy, she should be in water”! If I had it to do over, I would have made a little pond or something and put her in it. She still loved it though.

I had so much fun making it for her, I hated to even cut the cake!