I wanted a cake for my Daughters birthday party that was a princess/castle theme. I took some inspiration from the pictures here but also a cake book and adapted the recipe.

Firstly I made 2 sponges – 8oz Caster Sugar, 8oz Self Raising Flour, 8oz Butter and 4 free range eggs.

Cream together the butter and sugar then add the eggs and flour slowly. Add a dash of vanilla flavouring (or lemon if you prefer).

Bake for about 15/20 mins. I had to do them separately as I only had 1 baking tin! Once they are both cooked and cooled make up some buttercream frosting: 4oz butter and 10oz icing sugar. Keep whisking until it gets to the required consistency. I like mine quite thick so added more icing sugar.

Once you’ve mixed the buttercream up put a thin layer on one side of the cake, and if desired a layer of strawberry jam. Sandwich the 2 cakes together, making sure you have the flattest edge of the cake on the top.

I used pre-rolled icing and literally sat it on top of the cake and trimmed the edges, keep the trimmed icing for later. Then I got some mini Swiss rolls to use as mini towers and halved them and rolled these in the icing too.

Once you have done this, use your remaining icing to make the castle ‘turrets’. Use a desired food colouring (pink in this instance) and add a small amount to your icing. Mix well, adding icing sugar if it becomes sticky. Ok, now you need to roll these into shapes. Do longer turrets and squared turrets, giving the brick look.

Put the turrets around the cake, and then make smaller ones for the towers.

Make a door for your castle out of different coloured icing. You can add extra’s if required. I added pink glitter. I also bought a princess to sit on the top and made flags out of cocktail sticks and paper.

This homemade princess castle cake could easily be adapted for a boys one.

Good luck!