We have a long history in our family of making birthday cakes for our kids, so when a Princess Castle Cake was requested, I knew I had to do something great. I pulled ideas from all of the cakes I could find on the web & made up my own while I knew my daughter would love (but I didn’t want it to be too hard for my skill level….haven’t done any courses).

It requires baking 2 cakes.

1 large rectangle or square cake

1 circle cake

some icecream cones for the turrets

some white chocolate (tinted with pink food colouring) painted on baking paper to make the windows & doors

store bought jelly lollies

sprinkles to decorate the turrets (I found some lovely ones in pink/purple/white/silver with fairy princess shapes & stars & sprinkles)

pink & white marshmallows

toothpicks & pink paper to make the little flags

What I did:

* Place the square cake on the serving tray.

* attach the circle cake on top (I popped some icing between them to help them stick, but you could also use some wooden toothpicks or skewers)

* Ice the cake with white icing

* ice the icecream cones with pink icing & roll in the sprinkles & set aside to dry

* stick your chocolate doors and windows to the cake with a little icing & outline them using decorative icing tubes (I got a packet of glittery ones from the supermarket)

* decorate top of circle with little marshmallows

* I put little dots of glittery white icing on the sides of the circle

* attach cone turrets & stick flags into the tips

* spread a little icing over the serving tray & create a little garden of jelly lollies around the castle

* add your Cinderella Doll! (or whatever princess is required!!!)

Good luck.