This princess castle cake is my first attempt at a ‘girly’ cake. I have all boys but was thrilled when I got the chance to make a girl cake for my friend’s two girls combined birthday party! I had never used fondant or royal icing before this cake so there was certainly a learning curve. I searched the internet for all the pics and instructions I could find, then combined what I liked (or thought I could do) and make this cake.

The bottom cake (with the double door) is a 10″ two layered French vanilla cake with raspberry butter cream filling. The next tier is a 6″ cake same flavor as the other.

The four towers along the edges of the cake are paper towel rolls cut down. The back two are 8″, the front two are 6″. They are covered in fondant.

Then inserted into the top of the tower is a classic ice cream cone (with the flat bottom) and then a waffle sugar cone upside down. The classic cone was dipped in pink pourable fondant and sprinkled with sparkly white sugar sprinkles. The waffle sugar cone has purple pourable fondant and sprinkled with sparkly white sugar, then royal icing was used to ‘glue’ them together, and piped royal icing along the seam lines. The windows and doors are all brown fondant, and random bricks were pink fondant with pink shimmer dust.

I made all the little pink and purple flowers 4 days ahead, and the towers two days ahead of time, then started working on the main tower (it was supposed to have Rapunzel’s hair going down and around but I ran out of time!)

The main tower is actually a glass flower vase covered in fondant and piped decorations in royal icing. The house on top of the tower is a small Crisco can, covered in royal icing, then poured fondant (poorly) and sprinkled with sparkly white sugar. I actually tried to use fondant on this house part of the tower and was just too new at fondant to get it to go around cleanly so I tossed it and did poured fondant. Then I was impatient and tipped it to put the decorations on and the top wasn’t dried and it wrinkled.

For a cake this size, technically all the websites said use supports in all layers of cakes and dowels screwed into the board to support the towers. I was a weenie and decided I didn’t want to fool with all that. The 6″ had 6 bamboo supports to allow for the weight of the glass vase and tower (sugar is heavy!). I actually started out with three supports and when I set it on, it started to tip so I added more and after that it was sturdy. The towers were level enough that I just set them on the board and piped icing around bottom to glue it.

We delivered this cake in pieces. The cake rounds were decorated and on the cake board. Everything else was gently wrapped in paper towels and put in a box. I held the main cake on my lap and my very patient husband drove us (me, him, three excited boys and the cake) 40 minutes. I set everything up and brought extra icing in all colors just in case! The decorations on the actual board was a sidewalk that was iced in royal icing. Then poured fondant. Then grass looking royal icing and flowers along edges of sidewalk and all around the bottom of the cake.

All told, it took me the better part of 4 days (not including the planning part, shopping for supplies, scouring internet etc). Now that I’ve done it, I understand why bakeries charge an arm and a leg. Total cost for this cake supplies were just over $30. But I would (and probably will) do it again but next time it will be easier now that I’ve had a bit of experience!