My two granddaughters were sharing a birthday party and, of course, each wanted their own theme. One wanted Beauty and the Beast and the other wanted Princess and the Frog. I decided to make a Princess Castle Cake Design that would accommodate both.

I made two 9×13 cakes: one chocolate and one confetti. I cut the confetti cake in half and placed one half sideways on top of the chocolate cake (I spread a small amount of icing in the middle of the chocolate cake to secure the confetti layer). Then I cut the other half of confetti cake in half again and placed one of the halves on top (again securing with icing).

I iced the whole castle with yellow icing and refrigerated. When set, it was time to decorate the castle. I found heart-shaped cherry candies that I placed around the base of the cake. I used pink icing to make windows, a door, and a lowered bridge. I used Sour Punch candy straws for the draw bridge ropes and also placed them at the base of each layer. I used purple icing to make scallops on the sides of all the layers.

Then came the turrets. I iced five cake cones with yellow frosting and let set. I iced five sugar cones with pink icing in a scallop pattern. I secured each sugar cone to a cake cone with a ring of icing. To place cones on the cake, I cut out a small circular hole at each corner of the big base and on the top layer. I added purple scallops around the turrets.

Finishing touches: The name flags were cut from paper, glued to a long shish kabob skewer, and stuck down into the two front sugar cones (1/2″ top of cones have to be cut off to make a hole). I placed my granddaughters’ princess figures on the cake board around the cake. Because the cake was rather full at this point, I chose to put on a single number candle on each side of the cake rather than seven candles for one girl and four for the other.

Thoughts: I think it turned out pretty good. If I did it again, I think I would make a two layer 9×13 cake before adding additional layers. That way it would make the doors and windows look better. Then I would make the turrets higher by placing them on an upside-down iced cake cone, as I had seen on other castle cakes.