This Princess Castle Cake Idea was fun to make! I made it for my 3yr old daughter’s princess birthday party. I made the cakes 2 days ahead of time, and expected them to taste not as good, but it was delicious!

It took 2 boxes of cake, and about 4 boxes of store bought cake mix. I also used a roll of marzipan. To make this cake I baked 4 8in square cakes. I made 2 of those cakes chocolate, and 2 were white cake mix. Once they were finished I put them in the freezer for 4 hrs. I shaped 2 of those squares (I did 1 chocolate & 1 vanilla) into circles, and leveled all of the cakes.

To make the circles I took a bowl about 6in diameter and pushed it into the cakes to leave me an impression to cut out. Then using a serrated knife I cut it. I then put the cakes back in the freezer overnight. In the morning I did a crumb coat.

To crumb coat I took some frosting and thinned it with some water, then frosted the cakes. I then put the cakes back into the freezer for approx. 6hrs. After those 6hrs they were ready to be put together.

I also made the pillars with ice cream cones. I wanted the whole cake to be edible, no toothpicks or anything. I took 2 regular cones and inverted them. I then covered them with melted chocolate. I then put them in the freezer for about 2min. It worked great & those things were stuck together great (I wouldn’t recommend this for a party outside when it’s warm but we were indoors so it didn’t even almost melt). I then covered a cone in white chocolate, sprinkled it with sprinkles & used chocolate to glue it to the cone.

I had 4 pillars, then the top cake had a cone stuck through it so we had a spire there as well. Again I put it in the freezer to hurry up the process or hardening the chocolate, and it stuck together wonderfully! Once you have one of these done you can use it as a guide to cut out little corners of the square cakes so they fit in there.

I put the cakes on a piece of cardboard on top of a cookie sheet so I could move it if I needed to. I “painted” the cardboard with chocolate frosting, then sprinkled it with green dyed coconut so that it looked like grass. Then I stacked the cakes on top of each other using frosting between layers.

For the flowers I used a few store bought ones (the posies) then made roses with marzipan. Marzipan is very easy to mold & color. I colored it by putting in 1 drop of food coloring then playing with it in my hands. I then rolled it out to about 1/8 in thickness and cut out 3 small circles. Roll the 1st circle into a tube, then wrap the other 2 around it for a rose. I painted vines all over the cake with frosting put into little bags that had the tip cut out. I put leaves on the vines made out of tiny pieces of marzipan, than stuck the flowers throughout it.

Pathway was made of frosting & tiny chocolate chips, door was a pop tart cut out.

This Princess Castle Cake Idea was pretty easy and so worth it, my daughter loved it!