I made this Princesses Garden Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. For the Princesses, I used the Wilton Mini Wonder pan, which makes the 4 skirts. I used cookie sticks and cling wrapped them to the dolls to insert them into their “skirts”. The base is a 12 X 18inch sheet cake. This was a big cake, requiring 4 boxes of cake mix, and I went through 5 containers of icing.

I put green icing on the sheet cake first, decorated the skirts, before inserting the dolls.

When the skirts were done, I placed them on the cake, then finished decorating the bodice part of their dresses. (I have just begun Course 2 of the Wilton Cake Decorating classes, so I haven’t learned fondant yet, but I think fondant would look much neater on the bodices, then trying to pipe icing).

When princesses were done, I laid chocolate rocks I got at the Bulk Barn as a path for the princesses to be walking on. Then using the “grass tip” I piped dark green grass behind the princesses.

Since I haven’t mastered writing very well on cakes, I just found a nice font on my computer, printed off my message and traced it onto wax paper with piping gel.(Before tracing your message, you must turn your paper over, so you are tracing the message backwards. That way when you lay the traced copy on the cake, it will appear “right”.) When I layed the wax paper down on the cake, and lightly pressed on it, the clear piping gel remained on the cake as a good outline for me to follow with the pink icing.

I made a few roses and tried to do some swirl flowers in blue and yellow, and then piped a simple shell border around the edges.

The cake was a big hit, but since there were 6 little girls (boys didn’t care) and only 4 princesses, everyone wanted their own princess, and instead, I had to try and cut some in half. That was a disappointment I hadn’t thought of. Next time, I would buy more dolls and instead of putting them on a sheet cake, just make individual doll cakes. Or have clusters of roses, so at least if some girls didn’t get a princess, they could at least have gotten a lot of roses on their piece.

I found the idea of doing the mini princesses on this sight. I’m grateful to have found this website. Great ideas!