Isabella (my little neighbour) turned 8 last week and for weeks had been asking for a puppy birthday cake. So when I found a ‘no-bake’ cake in a back edition of ‘Woman’s World’ I just had to have a go.

It was just so simple.

2 cans white frosting

1 can milk chocolate frosting

Brown & yellow food colouring (Wilton Gel)

2 Packages (10.75oz each) frozen poundcake (thawed)

3 Twinkies

1 Hostess shortcake

1 Candy stick

2 large muffins

2 large marshmallows

Pink decorating sugar crystals

3 brown or black M&M’s

1 red M&M


Heart shaped candy

Thin chocolate biscuits (the ones that look like toothpicks)

Tint white frosting with brown & yellow colouring to get a ‘tan’ colour. Trim the top off one of the pound cakes, place on serving plate.

Spread some of the frosting on top, then place second cake on top, rounded side up. Place 2 Twinkies at back of cake (to make back legs) and half the shortcake on top (to make haunches). Half the third Twinkie and place at front of cake (for front legs). Insert candy stick into back of cake.

Cut off bottom of muffins and frost the flat edge of the rounds together to make the head. Insert 3 thin chocolate biscuits into cake at front and insert ‘head’

For muzzle, trim thin slice of 1 marshmallow. Insert 3 thin choc biscuits into cut side and insert into front of head.

Place pastry bag fitted with small star tip into glass. Spoon chocolate frosting and tan frosting into separate plastic bags. Snip corner off each pastry bag and insert into pastry bag and squeeze in, so one half is tan and the other chocolate. (I made up two bags)

Pipe frosting over cake. Diagonally cut the remaining marshmallow in half and press into the pink sugar. Place ears on top of head and pipe frosting over back of each (I also secured them with the thins).

Attach eyes, nose & tongue. Undo the Twizzlers so you have a two strand ‘leash’ and carefully place around the puppy’s neck. Place a heart shaped candy on collar.

It is really effective and of course Isabella loved it – now Pops (her little sister) wants a pony – thinking caps on!