I made this R2D2 3D cake for my son’s 7th Birthday. I got the idea from other R2D2 cakes on your web site. I started with store bought cake mixes. I used 4 boxes of cake mix. I made 3 9×13 cakes 2 chocolate and one yellow. I made 2 8inch round cakes yellow. I stacked 1 yellow 9×13 on top of 1 9×13 chocolate for the body,cut the legs out of other 9×13 chocolate and bottom of the feet, cut the 2 8 inch round into 1/4 for the bottom of body and 3/4 for the top of the head and stacked the 2 3/4 on top of each other for the head.

I only used 1 of the 1/4 for the bottom of his body to make it look 3D. When it was all put together, I put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, so it would be easier to ice. I then iced it with a thin layer of white icing to cover it and hold everything together. It was getting late so I put it back in the freezer until the next day.

I used store bought vanilla icing and end up using 10 cans of icing. I used the star tip 18 for the colors and 32 for the white. I colored 1 can grey for the head and body effects using a little black food coloring until I got the grey I wanted. I colored 2 cans blue for the details, the rest is white. The icing need to be cold to work well, so I kept it in the refrigerator. This cake ended up taking me 3 days to finish, because you have to keep putting the cake back in the freezer after an hour so the icing does not melt.

The cake was so big I had to put it on a large sheet pan you use in restaurants. I kept the cake in the freezer until 2 hours before the party and it was great. Since making this cake I have been asked to make others for my sons friends. It was a lot of fun.