This R2D2 Cake was so much fun to make! And surprisingly easy, but definitely time consuming. I used a six inch round cake pan to make R2D2’s body. I stacked 3 six inch cakes with lots of butter cream in between each layer and all over the cakes with 4 dowels inserted through all three cakes to make sure there was no shifting.

I then wrapped the cylinder shape with white fondant. The rounded top of the cake was made with half a ball cake pan, covered in butter cream and fondant as well and placed on top of the cylinder. The arms are made out of rice crispy treats. I made my own treats in a flat pan. Then I used a template that I basically made and cut out of cardboard for the legs.

Once they were cut out I covered them in butter cream and then fondant as well and attached them to the body with two dowels placed strategically so I could easily cover them with the different panels that R2D2 sports. I printed out several pictures of R2D2 to get all the angles and basically used blue, grey and black fondant to decorate the cake. I then used silver luster dust on the gray pieces to make it look more like metal.

The cake was an absolute hit. No one wanted to cut into it because they all thought it was too pretty to cut, but it ended up being very moist and delicious yellow cake and my co-worker, the recipient of the cake, really enjoyed the rice crispy treat arms. He said that it was the best cake he’d ever had in all his 26 years. He had lost his mom to cancer the year before and I know she always made sure he had a cake for this birthday, and we wanted to make sure he didn’t go without a cake this year.