For this race track cake, and my first time using buttercream icing, I used Swiss Meringue buttercream which I was shown how to make by Dyann Bakes on You Tube.

I used two slab cakes and I filled the middle with lemon pudding, (after piping the edges of the first cake with icing so the pudding would not spill out when I place the second cake on top). I covered the cakes (once stacked on each other)with icing, first a thin layer to make a crumb coat, then left it to cool (it is winter time so I left it in between my front doors so it will get very cool).

Then I followed with another coat of icing (I did not check how thick my layers were so they were a little bit too thick). I cut out the number 2 with fondant that I bought but dyed black with the Wilton concentrated food coloring. I colored the icing green and blue with the same dyes. I piped smaller stars using less pressure around the top in green icing, and a bit larger around the bottom in blue using more pressure with my star tip.

I did the same technique around the cake to make grass patches as I was not yet familiar with the grass tip. I filled in the little ponds with the small tube of Wilton blue gel icing. And I used the large tube of red icing to do the letters!(not gel).

Everything is edible except the finish line which is foam stickers from the Lightening McQueen sticker pack I got in the craft section at Wal Mart(not bought for this purpose but came in handy). The Lightning Mcqueen car in a slightly smaller size, and the candles of course. The Lightning McQueen cars around the edges are candies as well from bulk barn!