It was my sweetiepie’s 8th birthday and like all other boys my son is also a “car-crazy” guy!! So I decided to make a Racetrack Birthday Cake Design in shape of figure 8 for his birthday. When the cake was set on the table, one of his friends cried aloud “wow is that the cake your mom made home?? it looks awesome”. Hearing this I thought that I had got the reward for all the pains I had taken to make this cake look special.

I had prepared two “8” inches round chocolate mousse cakes for this. Take both the cakes and cut off the upper domes so that both of the cakes are flat and leveled. Arrange both in a figure 8 shape. Cut off the bottom portion of one of the cake in a small semi-circle shape so that the upper portion of the second cake can fit into it and the cakes are sort of joined together and are at the same level. Then cut both the cakes into halves horizontally using the serrated knife. Keep aside the upper halves of both the cakes.

Prepare the chocolate mousse and pour it over both the lower halves and spread it evenly all over with a spatula. Place the upper halves and press firmly so that the cakes remain tight together and in place. Then prepare the green frosting by mixing the green color in the whipped cream. First cover the sides of the cake with the cream. Then using the star tip trace the upper and lower borders of the cake. Then trace the inner border and fill it up to give it a grassy appearance. In this way, you will also create the track. I also filled up the cream over the cake board on which the cake was placed and lined it up with M&Ms. If you don’t want to fill up the cake board you can place the M&Ms around the lower border of the cake. I fixed some race flags prepared out of toothpicks and paper over the track.

I placed the cake over a white foam board which I had already decorated with some race flags and racetrack names. I placed a few cars around the cake on the board. The look in every kid’s eye after looking at the cake was the real appreciation of this cake I guess.