I made this Rapunzel Tangled Tower Birthday Cake for my 5 year old daughter’s birthday. I used a box cake mix and 2 containers of store bought white frosting to decorate it. I mixed the cake per the package instructions and split the batter between 3 – round 4” diameter Pyrex bowls and 1 – 8”x6” Pyrex dish. After they cooled I leveled them.

I started with the 8×6 cake on the bottom, frosted the top where I wanted the tower to go and set one of the rounds on the frosted section. Then, to add some stability to the tower, I cut 4 wooden skewers as tall as those two layers, stuck those in the cake, and set a tin foil covered circular piece of cardboard on top. I added another round layer, frosted the top and set the last round cake on top. I frosted the outside of the tower in white. The base I frosted in green.

I made the top of the tower out of craft foam, cut out the window and formed it around a soup can, and hot glued it. The roof is craft foam cut into an 8” diameter circle with a slit cut to the middle. I used a Polly pocket doll that had lost her hair for Rapunzel. It took me a while to get her arranged in there right but it worked. You may need to cut out another cardboard disc to help hold the tower circular or to hold Rapunzel in place. Set the tower on top of the cake.

I then used purple frosting to go around the foam tower, the base of the tower, base of the cake and write the name. I used green frosting to make leaves down the sides of the cake part of the tower. I put cake decorating flowers on some of the leaves and various other places for decoration.

Lastly I put on the hair using yellow frosting and a large star tip (Wilton #32). Then I decorated the hair with some green for leaves and more of the decorating flowers. My daughter loved the cake.