I wanted to make a snake cake for my son’s 3rd birthday. I got some really great ideas from this website, but the snakes on here were all too big! So, I started looking for something I could bake the cake in, that would take only one box of cake mix. I found a metal jello mold pan at a thrift store. I actually ended up buying two, so I could make two cakes at one time. I picked Red velvet cake, so that when it was cut into it looked like blood! ;) I mixed up the cake mix, and placed it in the pans, half in each. I had to carefully watch them as they cooked. Be careful not to put too much in the pans, so they don’t overflow.

After it was baked, I sliced both cakes in half, I ended up using just 3 pieces of the curved slices, and used the 4 piece for the fill ins.I found a narrow board in our garage and wrapped it in tinfoil. Place the cake on that. I froze the cake overnight before I started frosting. I used just plain icing, that I tinted tan with some brown food coloring that I found in the Wedding Planning dept in the local store. I used a flat tip in my decorating tube, and make ‘scales’ That was sort of time consuming, but I loved the over all look. Start at the back and work your way to the head. I then used Wilton black spray to give the snake some depth. I used black tube icing to make the rings for his tail.

I bought a rice krispie treat to use for the head and neck, since that was easier than cutting cake into the shape I wanted. I shaped it with the mouth open, before I attached it with toothpicks. Then I frosted it. The eyes are upside down chocolate chips, and the tounge is a red Airhead piece of candy. The ‘sand’ around the snake is crushed vanilla wafers, and a 100 calorie pack of oreos. That way you don’t have the white middle to gunk things up. I just placed them in a zip lock baggie and mashed away!Sprinkle the sand around the snake to help cover up any mess ups.

I made a plain chocolate cake for the people who didn’t want the snake cake. That worked out really well too, since the snake cake wasn’t too big. I loved the size though, since it really looked like actual snake size.

It was so fun, I had never tried to make a cake like that before. I am looking at the website today to get ideas for my second son’s 1st birthday!