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Coolest Red Angry Bird Cake 7

by Betsy F
(Vancouver, WA)

Homemade Red Angry Bird Cake

Homemade Red Angry Bird Cake

I baked the chocolate cake as a single layer in a 10 in square pan. Then, using an enlarged image of the red bird, I made a paper cut out of the shape and cut the cake out using a serrated knife. I also used parchment paper to trace the main features (beak, eyebrows, eyes and white "chin".

I made the bird so the head feathers were slightly cut off the top, but used a small piece of the cake from a cut off corner to finish the top feathers. I froze the cake for about an hour so I could "dirty ice" it without too many crumbs since there were so many cut edges. I used icing to "glue" the remaining feather to the top of the cake.

I mixed my own red fondant because the pre-made red only comes in small packages and in a box with other colors I didn't need. If you can buy it pre-made, do it! It took half a jar of the Wilton gel "no taste red" to make it a red I was happy with, and I would have preferred it a little deeper.

I used yellow fondant for the beak (because I had it on hand) and for the eyebrows, tail feathers, and chin/eye whites, I used Wilton's new (fantastic) "sugar sheets". I used my parchment paper cut-outs to free hand the shapes with a razor blade and stuck them in place with a little water. The beak I just rolled out in yellow fondant and cut out the same way.

To finish the Homemade Red Angry Bird Cake , I had a large tube of black sparkle gel icing, and I used that to trace around all the black edges to add definition!

I put the cake on a cardboard box I had on hand. I cut out regular printer paper in white, light & dark blue to make the background, then covered the box in plastic wrap so I could reuse it (This cake is for my nephew, my son is having the same one in just a couple weeks!). Super happy with how it turned out!

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by: Anonymous

Awesome. I am going to try this today with my son who loves angry birds.

by: Anonymous

This is the best idea for an angry bird cake I've seen. It's clean and looks exactly like an angry bird, but still simple. As for the red fondant, I saw someone else who made one, but it was a round cake and she used white fondant but used the wilton no taste red gel and mixed it with some vodka. She then painted it on like paint. She says the alcohol will evaporate and not even be on the cake anymore. I certainly hope so. But this is awesome. I can't wait to make my little boy giddy with excitement when he sees this cake.

Angry Birds cake rocks!
by: Karen

What a fantastic cake! Thank you for the idea & details to make it. I'm not the best cake mummy but if I manage this one, I might get back in the "cool" books for a while.

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