My daughter is crazy about High School Musical and we themed her fifth birthday around it and the character Sharpay. I looked on this site for inspiration and eventually decided to do the equivalent of a Barbie/Princess cake, and making a Homemade Sharpay HSM Birhday cake us a Sharpay doll.

I baked two cakes. The first was Sharpay’s skirt. I used a Silverwood 8″ tiffin/crinoline lady/bell tin I sourced from I used a four-egg sponge mixture; however, I will make it six eggs next time as her base was probably only 6-7″ in the end.

For the bottom cake, I used a 9″ round cake tin to bake a four-egg sponge mixture and that turned out a really great, tall cake.

I practiced stacking the cakes and sliced off quite a lot from Sharpay’s skirt cake to get her totally upright. I also had to level out the base cake slightly too. I then used butter icing to cover the cakes, and rolled out the fondant icing to cover the bottom cake. I stuck to white purely so I wouldn’t have to spend ages colouring it.

To insert Sharpay, I cut out a cube of cake from the top of her skirt; I first took her legs off and then wrapped her body in clingfilm before inserting her and refilling the hole with some icing. I then coloured the fondant pink, as, in High School Musical 3, Sharpay wears a pink dress to the prom. I sat the cake on top of the round cake and then carefully covered the skirt cake.

After Sharpay was inserted up to her waist, I cut out some icing to make her bodice and made it long enough to cover the join of the doll to the cake.

Just to finish it off, I took the leftover pink icing, rolled it into a very long and thin sausage and then wound it around the base of the skirt, as well as the base of the bottom cake, so it all tied in together.

I really didn’t know how to decorate the skirt, but, in the end, went for the less is more approach. I sprinkled some edible pink glitter all over it and iced on my daughter’s name and age.

It was really so simple and all the kids thought she was fab, so I was absolutely delighted!