I made this sheep cake for someone who was moving out of state. I just placed 2 9″ round vanilla cakes and frosted it light green with the Wilton Buttercream frosting. I made the sheep out of fondant rolled in an oval then added black feet and an oval shaped head that was smaller on top and wider at the bottom and then frosted them using a star tip to make them “fluffy”. I just made little circles.

I put a toothpick in the center of them to frost them easier and then placed them on the cake, that way I would not mess up the frosting on them. I thought they looked liked the sheep from Serta Matress. For the eyes I took 2 different sized round tip and pressed the black on the white. I also wrapped a wooden skewer with white fondant and then made a flag at the top with the person’s name.

I placed little piles of grass on the cake using the grass tip. I found a picture of something similar online. I like to use Styrofoam for my cake boards for a firm base then cover them with coordinating material. I placed a cake board underneath the cake, cut just 1/8″ smaller than the cake so you’re not eating off of material.

The letters are just the royal icing letters you can buy in the cake isle of your local supermarket.